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Typing Assistant is a typing aid program. It makes typing faster, more intelligent and lowers
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12 March 2008

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Improve your typing speed and lessen the efforts that you have to put in while typing large texts. How? You can get the answer by trying Typing Assistant 3.0. On installation the software integrates with Windows applications and makes the typing faster and better. When you start typing the software starts working and prompts you to a new window that shows the possible words that you can use. It just takes a key stroke for you to complete the word and move further. The process is repeated every time you start typing and helps you to complete the work faster. The program also has the capability to learn the words that you type. It also supports the automatic expansion of the shorthand words to full text. It is worth to be used by the people who need to do a lot of typing work like journalists, translators, secretaries, document creators, etc.

Typing Assistant 3.0 gets installed in the Windows applications and provides assistance runtime assistance while you type. When you start typing in any application it shows you the possible words that begin with the letters that you have written. It shows a prompt Typing Assistant window that contains the words that you can choose from. It provides with all the possible selections that are available with the written letters. The software is easy to work with and does not need to go to a separate application and learn typing. While you can get the possible words selection you also get to learn various words. Typing Assistant supports working with different programs like Notepad, Microsoft Word, UltraEdit, WordPad, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, and so on. It is also capable of adding the words that are not present in its dictionary. Write USA and you’ll get ‘United States of America’ to be selected, thus it also supports expanding the abbreviations.

Typing Assistant 3.0 does not present itself as a separate application but works by integrating with other application that supports text writing. Rated with 4 points the software improves the speed of work and also lessens the burden of typing long text files thus saving your valuable time.

Publisher's description

Typing Assistant is a typing aid program. It makes typing faster, more intelligent and lowers effort and seamlessly integrates with virtually ALL Windows applications. When typing, a smart Typing Assistant prompt window opens to show you possible words you are typing. Then with one key stroke it completes the word for you. The program automatically learns the words you type, and automatically expands user-defined shorthand to full text, so that the more you use the program, the smarter it becomes and the more you find it useful. Typing Assistant is the ideal utility for authors, secretaries, journalists, translators, document creators and programmers, in fact anyone who frequently uses a word processor.
Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant
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